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PCOS Dietitian’s Take: Exploring the Myths and Facts of Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Diets


PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a hormonal disorder often mistaken as a reproductive condition, though it is an endocrine disruption. This condition primarily affects women of reproductive age. Major symptoms include irregular menstruation, insulin resistance, fertility issues, and hyperandrogenism.  This blog will explore the myths and facts about gluten-free and dairy-free diets for PCOS and how a dietician for PCOS can guide you in creating an effective PCOS diet plan to lose weight.

Insulin Resistance and PCOS

PCOS disrupts metabolic function in the form of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition where the cells in the body do not respond effectively to insulin. This worsens when you experience rapid glucose spikes. Insulin resistance can cause weight gain, increased androgens, and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

Necessity for Dietary Modification for PCOS
PCOS can be impacted by every aspect of a person’s life, including food. Hence, dietary modifications are of utmost importance. The two we are going to focus on today are gluten-free and dairy-free diets.

What is a dairy-free diet and why is dairy seen as the devil?
A dietician for PCOS can guide individuals in creating a balanced PCOS diet plan to lose weight while avoiding dairy. A dairy-free diet involves eliminating all dairy products from one’s diet, including milk, cheese, yoghurt, and butter. This diet is often considered for PCOS as dairy products are found to disrupt hormonal balance, causing insulin spikes which potentially worsens the symptoms.

Some of the most popular myths and their truths about the dairy-free diet:
Myth 1: A dairy-free diet can cure PCOS completely.
Fact: A dairy-free diet in some people can help alleviate symptoms. PCOS is a multi-faceted condition that does not have a cure. It can only be managed. Hence, simply opting out of eating dairy is not the way.

Myth 2: Dairy-free diets lack essential nutrients.
Fact: With proper planning, a dairy-free diet can provide all necessary nutrients. A dietician for PCOS can help ensure that nutrient requirements are met through supplements and alternatives like plant-based milks (almond, soy, or oat milk), seeds, nuts, and other non-dairy sources.

Gluten-free diet and how gluten can worsen the situation:
Avoiding all foods that contain the protein called gluten is known as a gluten-free diet. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and their derivatives. By eliminating gluten, reduction in inflammation, improved gluten sensitivity, and overall improvement in symptoms may be noticed by some.

Let’s explore some myths and facts about the gluten-free diet for PCOS:
Myth 1: All women with PCOS should avoid gluten.
Fact: The impact of gluten is different on every individual, hence eliminating gluten is not necessary for every woman with PCOS. Some people may experience reduced inflammation and better overall health. It is worth noting that your gluten sensitivity may be a result of other conditions such as celiac disease.

Myth 2: A gluten-free diet is the healthier diet option for PCOS
Fact: A gluten-free diet is healthier as it limits the intake of processed food (which is mainly made of wheat a.k.a. The main gluten culprit) not due to lack of gluten. One needs to substitute healthier alternatives to see a difference and that simply does not mean going gluten-free.

PCOS is a complex condition that requires personalised management strategies. While gluten-free and dairy-free diets can be beneficial for some, they are not universal solutions. Consulting a dietician for PCOS is crucial for developing a tailored PCOS diet plan to lose weight and manage symptoms effectively. Remember, the goal is to create a sustainable, balanced diet that supports your overall health and well-being.

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Jigar Thakkar
Jigar Thakkar
18 September 2023
I would really like to thank Dr Richa and her team and Also (Bhumi), for amazing guidance and continues support and Motivation thru out my diet plan. 1) They have amazing knowledge and they guide accordingly your body type. 2) I thought this 6 months journey of my diet plan will be difficult, because I had mind set that my diet plan will be difficult… But guess what they made my diet plan according my taste and my comfort… which made really easy for me to continue with full motivation. 3) I would really like to thank them , because they also changed my life style …. Because just change in food doesn’t makes your body fit but sleeping on time and workout also matters… I got correct guidance from them . I would really appreciate and thanks Dr Richa and Bhumi for guiding me right and I m really happy that I have connected you guys 🙏🏼
Sandeep Kulkarni
Sandeep Kulkarni
16 September 2023
Home receipe. Home food. Excellent consultation.
Bhumi Parikh
Bhumi Parikh
14 September 2023
Dietician and her team is very friendly and helpful. There is follow up every 15 days and change diets. When they give diets they ask if that is convenient or not according to my schedule they plan the diet. My weightloss journey has been amazing till now. Thankyou!!
Tanya Kumari
Tanya Kumari
12 September 2023
Little did I know loosing weight would be so easy! Thank you guys for helping me through this journey. Not only did I loose those extra pounds, I also feel much healthier now(its all about gut). Thank You, Bhumi!
Suparnika Das
Suparnika Das
11 September 2023
Getting in touch with Mrs. Richa Doshi was the best thing that happened to me in 2023 for diet counselling. I lost almost 7-8 kilos under her supervison. Rubina was really helpfull and co-operative in understanding the lifestyle issues I had which lead to my weight gain. After 6 months of consultation, I am getting my periods regularly without any pills after a year. My constipation problems also got resolved. Highly recommended
9 September 2023
If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, The health studio by Richa Doshi is all you need. In my 3 months journey, Ria was my health coach. My experience was too good that i have enrolled for the next three months as well. In the past three months, i got effective weight loss, my digestion better and my overall health is improved. The diets provided are very easy and diet chart is prepared by taking care of all your concerns with regular follow up. I found Richa ma'am and Ria as a perfect person to contact to solve all your health issues in a very healthy way. Highly recommended and thank you to the team ♥️
Manish R.
Manish R.
8 September 2023
Wonderful experience with the team THS, headed by Ms Richa. With proper prescription of healthy and required food, the journey of losing 7 kgs, in around 4 months, became smooth. It was also special because I was never recommended any outside supplements. All done with natural foods. Special thanks to Rubina for prompt reply and guidance.
Megha D B
Megha D B
7 September 2023
When I started, I was not sure that it will work for me but now I could see positive changes. Not only about diet plan also they guided about life style this changed my life and many health issues are resolved with in 1 month. I would really appreciate your team and your work. I will definitely recommend to all who wants to change their life style to healthy life style Thank you so much ✨😊
Kavyaa Joshi
Kavyaa Joshi
6 September 2023
Very friendly and encouraging staff.. especially Bhumi my diet counsellor , i would recommend this to all facing issues and concerns regarding their weight and other problems like pcos They are very supportive and it always felt like a two way thing ❤️ Thank you so much !!!
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