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Overcoming common challenges in maintaining weight loss

Weight Loss Diets Made Easy

Here is everything you need to know to shed those extra pounds and keep them off!

The world of diets and weight loss programs is vast– large enough to overwhelm anyone trying to maintain a healthy diet that keeps the pounds off for good. Of course, the mental and physical toll that unsuccessful diets and unsustainable weight loss programs can take on your life. The frustration, disappointment, and sense of failure can weigh heavy on your shoulders. But, it is essential to remember that you can achieve your fitness goals and sustain them with the right holistic approach! Read on to unravel the complexities of weight loss and empower yourself with the tools to reach your goals without compromising on your well-being. 

The Role of Diet in Weight Loss 

The role of diet in weight loss is more important than anything else. Effective weight loss is not solely about shedding pounds quickly but rather about establishing habits that promote long-term health. It is a journey unique to you alone, not to be compared with those unbelievably quick transformations you might see online. What matters is that you find an approach that aligns with your lifestyle and stick with it. Make sure you are not diminishing the role of diet in weight loss with unscientific tips and tricks on social media. Keep these points in mind! 


Opt for a diet plan that you can commit to long-term. Crash diets might promise rapid results but often lead to short-lived success. Consider your own food preferences and dietary restrictions so that you are not miserable while eating healthy. Look for diets that are backed by scientific research or better, choose to consult a dietitian who can guide you right. 


  • Creating a calorie deficit for weight loss.

Calculate your daily calorie needs based on your current fitness level and desired goals. Then choose a diet plan that gradually reduces your daily intake to help in creating a caloric deficit for weight loss. Aim for a modest deficit to promote sustainable weight loss and avoid extreme restrictions that can lead to nutritional deficiencies. 


  • Nutritional guidelines for effective weight loss

Prioritize whole, nutrient-dense foods such as lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Busy schedules can often force you to rely on processed foods and sugary beverages. But canceling these unhealthy foods will help your weight loss journey progress much quicker. You can substitute these with healthy fats like nuts and avocados.


  • Meal planning and portion control for weight loss

Consulting a certified dietitian is the best way to do effective meal planning and portion control. This structure can really help you reduce impulsive and unhealthy eating.  By staying more mindful of portion sizes, you can also ensure good nutrient intake and practice mindful eating where you listen to your body’s natural hunger cues. 

3 Extra Tips to Maintain Weight Loss!

When it comes to maintaining weight loss, Dietitian Richa Doshi is one of the most trusted options in India. For over 10 years now, she has worked with hundreds of people to help them achieve their fitness goals in a sustainable manner. With her expertise and these 3 special tips, you can ensure that the weight you are losing will stay off for good! 


  • Incorporating exercise into your weight loss journey.

Finding activities you enjoy like dancing, hiking, swimming or simply taking brisk walks can make the concept of exercise seem exciting. Make sure you are complementing your diet plan with the right amount of physical activity. Consistency is key. 


  • Tracking progress and staying motivated consistently.

Celebrate your achievements along the way. Each step you take is getting you closer to your fitness goals. Keeping a  diary can help you stay mindful of your eating habits and exercise. Share your journey with a supportive dietitian to stay motivated and accountable.


  • Overcoming common challenges in maintaining weight loss

Instead of getting discouraged by the many challenges you will face, work with your dietitian to adjust your plan accordingly. Identify triggers that push you into unhealthy habits and focus on healthier coping mechanisms. Remember, a setback is not a failure.

Conclusion: Making Weight Loss a Sustainable Lifestyle

The ultimate success of a weight loss journey lies not just in shedding pounds but in making sure that the results are not simply momentary. Making weight loss a sustainable lifestyle can help you craft a life marked by balance, health, and self-love. Your future self will thank you for the dedication and determination you display on this remarkable journey. And if you ever feel helpless, this is exactly what dietitians are for– asking for help can only make you stronger!

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Based on 275 reviews
Jigar Thakkar
Jigar Thakkar
18 September 2023
I would really like to thank Dr Richa and her team and Also (Bhumi), for amazing guidance and continues support and Motivation thru out my diet plan. 1) They have amazing knowledge and they guide accordingly your body type. 2) I thought this 6 months journey of my diet plan will be difficult, because I had mind set that my diet plan will be difficult… But guess what they made my diet plan according my taste and my comfort… which made really easy for me to continue with full motivation. 3) I would really like to thank them , because they also changed my life style …. Because just change in food doesn’t makes your body fit but sleeping on time and workout also matters… I got correct guidance from them . I would really appreciate and thanks Dr Richa and Bhumi for guiding me right and I m really happy that I have connected you guys 🙏🏼
Sandeep Kulkarni
Sandeep Kulkarni
16 September 2023
Home receipe. Home food. Excellent consultation.
Bhumi Parikh
Bhumi Parikh
14 September 2023
Dietician and her team is very friendly and helpful. There is follow up every 15 days and change diets. When they give diets they ask if that is convenient or not according to my schedule they plan the diet. My weightloss journey has been amazing till now. Thankyou!!
Tanya Kumari
Tanya Kumari
12 September 2023
Little did I know loosing weight would be so easy! Thank you guys for helping me through this journey. Not only did I loose those extra pounds, I also feel much healthier now(its all about gut). Thank You, Bhumi!
Suparnika Das
Suparnika Das
11 September 2023
Getting in touch with Mrs. Richa Doshi was the best thing that happened to me in 2023 for diet counselling. I lost almost 7-8 kilos under her supervison. Rubina was really helpfull and co-operative in understanding the lifestyle issues I had which lead to my weight gain. After 6 months of consultation, I am getting my periods regularly without any pills after a year. My constipation problems also got resolved. Highly recommended
9 September 2023
If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, The health studio by Richa Doshi is all you need. In my 3 months journey, Ria was my health coach. My experience was too good that i have enrolled for the next three months as well. In the past three months, i got effective weight loss, my digestion better and my overall health is improved. The diets provided are very easy and diet chart is prepared by taking care of all your concerns with regular follow up. I found Richa ma'am and Ria as a perfect person to contact to solve all your health issues in a very healthy way. Highly recommended and thank you to the team ♥️
Manish R.
Manish R.
8 September 2023
Wonderful experience with the team THS, headed by Ms Richa. With proper prescription of healthy and required food, the journey of losing 7 kgs, in around 4 months, became smooth. It was also special because I was never recommended any outside supplements. All done with natural foods. Special thanks to Rubina for prompt reply and guidance.
Megha D B
Megha D B
7 September 2023
When I started, I was not sure that it will work for me but now I could see positive changes. Not only about diet plan also they guided about life style this changed my life and many health issues are resolved with in 1 month. I would really appreciate your team and your work. I will definitely recommend to all who wants to change their life style to healthy life style Thank you so much ✨😊
Kavyaa Joshi
Kavyaa Joshi
6 September 2023
Very friendly and encouraging staff.. especially Bhumi my diet counsellor , i would recommend this to all facing issues and concerns regarding their weight and other problems like pcos They are very supportive and it always felt like a two way thing ❤️ Thank you so much !!!
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